Delivery to Book-shops (Re-sellers) in Great Britain

Order directly from us or from your whole-saler. If you order from us, please use our Order form and do not forget to mention your VAT Reg.No.

Delivery of Coming off Psychiatric Drugs or Alternatives Beyond Psychiatry: We send our books by post ("books international"). For example, general shipping costs for one copy (0,6 kg) on the cheap way to the United Kingdom are net € 6.–, air-mail € 7.– (November 2018). Shipping by cheap way will last about three days. To re-sellers we give usual discount and charge our shipping costs. Ask as for the current data, the price might have become higher.

Delivery to book-shops within the European Union
  • If you mention your V.A.T.-Reg. No., we will enclose an invoice, V.A.T.-free
  • If you do not mention your V.A.T.-Reg. No., we are obliged by the German tax law to charge 7% V.A.T.
After receipt please pay by